As a business we believe in the power of collaboration and creating impact driven work. In the past we have partnered with other creative agencies, such as, VML and Book of Swag to work on big brands like Standard Bank Group. The work we provided to Standard Bank Group included developing a social media strategy, monthly content creation, on-going platform management, daily social listening and CRM (customer relationship management) and monthly and quarterly reporting. 


Offering more than just traditional and digital marketing we provide new market development services to businesses around the world that are looking to grow their presence in South Africa and Africa.

We help international businesses understand, reach and penetrate the African market. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to become African market experts.

We are in strategic partnerships with businesses like Peter Burdin Africa Ltd based in the UK and Integrated Media Strategies in the US. As a marketing business with a footprint internationally, we are in the business of connecting clients in Africa looking to venture into the American and UK market whilst connecting international clients to Africa. With Malteez Digital’s international network, we use our resources to allow local businesses to expand to the rest of the world. As the hub of African insights, we also use our marketing and consumer expertise and skills to help international businesses successfully launch their services and products on the continent in a way that resonates with the local audience.

These partnerships allow African companies the opportunity to have a marketing presence in the U.S. and UK without having to make the trip overseas, and also, brings the world to Africa. Malteez Digital believes in the power of 'glocal' collaborations.

Our international partners come with expertise that enables African based companies to seamlessly transition into the global market. The partnership with Peter Burdin Africa Ltd and Integrated Media Strategies gives us the power to connect our African clients to international opportunities with companies, investors, and partners, and provide them with strategic and tactical marketing communications, positioning, planning and implementation in those markets.


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