There’s more to social media marketing that meets the eye

As a professional in your field, have you ever gone to a meeting and a client unknowingly insults what you do?


I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

Interestingly I went to see a potential client needing social media services for their business amongst other things which I didn’t mind doing. However, I was really caught off guard when I was asked to plan company events and improve the staff’s uniform!

I’m not an expert yet and I’m working my way up to gain all the experience I can get but one thing I’m sure of is that I did not spend 5 years in varsity studying marketing to style employees.

Anyway, after I heard all that from Mr Potential client I just sat there and pretended to listen.

Until they insulted me, my work and my industry!

When a problem arises in a business, it takes real thought, brainstorming and often a lot of collaboration to identify suitable solutions to the problem.

So let’s say your sales numbers aren’t where they should be and someone suggests you should ramp up your marketing efforts to increase your sales online.

How and where would you start to go about that?

Perhaps the best place to start would be to spend time, effort and money on a comprehensive and bulletproof strategy, right?

Well, according to Mr Potential Client, that would be incorrect, because according to him you don’t need a strategist to do a strategy, he could do it in half a day!

All I could think of was, I really hope this man doesn’t fix his own electrical or lay his own pipes.

Needless to say, we won’t be doing business in the future.

But, I started thinking about how many people actually think and worse do business like this.

When you need to plan a wedding, you call a wedding planner, not a general contractor. If your child needs to be looked after, you’d call a babysitter, not a plumber right?

So in business why don’t you apply the same logical thinking?

We don’t code at Malteez Digital, we can strategise, create, optimise, implement and so on all day for you but we don’t code, so if we need coders – what do you think we should do?

Get coders, right? NOT, think because we work with digital technology that we could bang it out in half a day!

Have you ever thought to yourself what social media marketing is really all about? Whether you’re a business owner, rising influencer or an average person looking to market yourself to corporates.

Everyone has and knows of social media, some people are great at their personal profiles but does not make you an expert in social media MARKETING for business. And you’ll soon figure that out for yourself.

Social media marketing is way more than simply getting your millennial niece or nephew to take pictures of your business and post them on your social media pages. It is a strategic craft that takes time, thought and effort.

To get the best results from your online efforts and to build a sustainable social media marketing plan that is proactive, not reactive, you have to invest in the strategic plan.

The plan that will gain traction and interest strong enough to catch the attention of consumers across relevant platforms. But before you start with your plan, spend time researching, exploring and asking the right questions.

What are you hoping to achieve?

Will digital marketing solve your problem?

Who is your target market?

Which platforms should you be on?

What message do you want to send to your audience?

Then determine what your goals and objectives will be and how and when you will measure them.

And do me a favour, don’t call your gynaecologist or your printer to do your social media marketing for you. ;)

Your Digital Marketing Partner,

Malteez Digital