Sprinkle some festive cheer on your content

The festive season is the busiest time of the year with every business and brand marketing their best deals. 

So how do you not get lost in the shuffle and still incorporate the festive cheer into your social media marketing?


Festive shopping has gone from a marathon to something that happens in moments. Thanks to smartphones and technology, instead of consumers going through newspapers or shopping malls to look for the best deals, they turn to their mobile phones.

Before you think like a business or brand, think like a consumer.

According to Crowdtap around 64% of consumers are going to social media to find inspiration for purchases. However, so many brands are on social media so how do you stand out?

Well, first you need to determine which is the best social media platform to showcase your holiday spirit.

Once you have your platforms, personalize and decorate your cover and profile photo. This is the first thing consumers would notice so make sure to get them engaged and motivated. 

When they’re on your page make sure they see some Christmas offers such as one day only or limited quantity sales, but don’t just have the best deals, display them strategically and creatively!

Think of it as decorating your Christmas tree with Christmas lights and trimmings. It needs to be captivating.

Now that your tree is up and shining bright this festive season ask your consumers what’s on their Christmas wish list this year. This kind of interaction will get people talking to your brand but also about your brand and can potentially help you with user-generated content.

Lastly, Christmas is a season of giving so why not make a wish come true? The best way to encourage interaction is a prize game through your profile, either in the form of a quiz or inviting consumers to share their festive pictures with your brand.

Don’t forget to wish everyone a special Merry Christmas!

Your Digital Marketing Partner,

Malteez Digital