Don’t let ‘Januworry’ affect your Social Media Marketing

The festive season is filled with fun, friends and family. However nothing beats the excitement of celebrating a new year.

The 31st is not just a countdown into a new year, it is a time where people reflect on themselves, the year that they have had and what they want to be and do different in the new year.


It’s amazing how we all experience the festive cheer and wish each other a happy new year and then “Januworry” settles in. We all experience “Januworry”, whether it is paying school fees, getting stationary or making sure your bills are paid on time.

As entrepreneur with a small business “Januworry” is a real worry. Your money concerns double when you have a team of people on your payroll.

And as any business your marketing unfortunately doesn’t take a break at the beginning of the year until you have some funds to spare either.

We can’t do much about your staff’s salary but we can help you continue your social media marketing in Januworry.

Your social media marketing is vital but the beauty of social media marketing is the technology -there are amazing apps and platforms to help you get through those tough months.

January is the best time to tweak your marketing strategy and arm yourself with new tools to set the tone for the rest of the year.

Google alerts can help you with your web monitoring and also keep you in touch with relevant discussions, news and videos. And it’s absolutely free!

Twitter is still one of the hottest and fast paced social media platforms out there, make use of TweetDeck. This app helps you manage your Twitter presence and monitors trends – also FREE!

Use gifs from Giphy to add some fun to your content, download Repost and share other incredible content from IG, Photo Editor is a great smartphone image editor that creates memes – again all FREE!

Don’t let “Januworry” get your social media marketing down, there are tons of ways to still look like Dezemba without the bonus money throughout the year ;).

Your Digital Marketing Partner,

Malteez Digital