A sonic boom is taking over

Last night while I was cooking supper, I thought about the cricket and wondered what the final score was. Instead of finding my search icon and typing what I wanted to know in the search bar, I held the button asked Siri and promptly got a response while I carrying on working on my chicken curry. 


This got me thinking about how popular voice search is becoming. We have Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that has transformed the way we use the internet. We went from having to do it all from a computer to our mobile smartphones and now just by talking.

For example, Bright Local survey found that more than half of consumers have used voice search to find local business information and 20% of mobile searches on Google are done using voice commands according to Search Engine People.

Over the years people have changed the way they do things because of digital technology and that has resulted in extreme changes in marketing.

How can Digital marketers use voice search to their advantage?

First, we need to know that the way that we search using our voice is different from the way we search with text.

For instance, think about how you search for information on Google, do you use keywords or type out an entire question? Mostly keywords, right?... Now think about how you use voice search. Keywords or full question? Keywords would have your virtual assistant confused so you’d ask a full question right instead.

Then we need to ensure that your SEO is up to standard. Voice search is changing the dynamic of SEO and content marketing. So, marketers need to add more easily accessible content and set up a FAQ page.

According to the SEO conference that took place in London 2 years ago, keywords used in typed SEO would be replaced by blocks of phrases and sentences in response to long inquiries that searchers would make. Therefore it is important that when marketers set up a FAQ page on websites, it should include questions they know people would ask about their business and the industry the business is operating in, followed by answers that promote the business.

Voice searching isn’t perfect yet and still but don’t think you still have time to prepare, make sure to start now and put your brand on the tip of your tech’s tongue.

Your Digital Marketing Partner,

Malteez Digital