Malteez Digital is a creative agency that concentrates on digital and social media marketing. We also have a unique offering through our international partnership with American communications company, IMS that allows us to unlock new potential markets for local businesses.

To us, digital means connecting businesses to their consumers and helping consumers navigate through all the millions of online messages a day and find their true needs and wants. 

Our logo is a direct representative of this. The M for “Malteez” represents a smart four eyed business person ready to deliver value to their customers and the D is for “Digital” which represents a consumer reaching out ready to collect a valuable experience and service or product.



The age of digital has ‘flipped the switch’ on the relationship that businesses have with its customers. The power dynamics have been reversed, with customers now leading the trends for businesses to follow. Businesses have a responsibility to reach and engage consumers where they are and in a language that they understand, and social media has made it possible for brands to become more accessible to people.  

We are here to filter out the noise and enable businesses to create useful and enjoyable digital experiences for their customers.